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Reduces Skin and Respiratory Allergens from Organic Sources

DENAA+ Probiotic Air Optimiser cleans indoor air and reduces organic allergens including pollen, pet hair and dust mite faeces. This improves organic-based skin and respiratory allergy symptoms.  

This simple to use and highly effective preventative spray contains healthy ‘good’ bacteria (probiotics), from plants. These naturally sourced ingredients are especially beneficial for managing dust-mite allergies.

  • Allows for cleaner indoor air.
  • Eliminates organic allergens.
  • Suitable for all types of textiles.
  • Tested to be harmless to the respiratory tract.
  • Fresh and natural fragrance.
  • Ready to use solution.
  • Can be used with air treatment systems.

These helpful probiotics work at a microbial level to restore a healthier microflora balance.

When sprayed into the air, DENAA+ Probiotic Air Optimiser lands on textiles and soft furnishings such as blinds and privacy curtains that are not easy to clean. It also reaches and cleans into the nooks and crannies and often missed places – including keyboards and door handles.

The helpful probiotics in our air spray work in a safe, natural and mechanical way to inhibit harmful bacteria and prevent bacterial infections. Unlike chemicals, this mechanical action does not cause harmful bacteria to develop resistance.

DENAA+ Probiotic Air Optimiser can be diffused into the whole room through the mechanical Ingenious Probiotic Air Dispenser. This can easily be installed or retrofitted to air conditioning and ventilation ductwork. This improves indoor air quality and minimises mould and pathogen bacteria blowing into occupied areas.

The commercial air spray is eco-friendly and has a long-lasting action. It is A+ rated and scientifically proven as safe, chemical-free, non-toxic and non-polluting for indoor air. Read the Indoor Air Controlled Report.

  • Re-balances microflora and reduces the risk of bacterial infections.
  • Mechanical room and duct dispenser options available.
  • Natural, vegan, chemical-free and non-polluting.

Our Air Optimiser Spray Restores Natural Microbial Balance

DENAA+ Probiotic Air Optimiser is a commercial air cleaner that improves allergy management and helps prevent skin and respiratory allergy symptoms. It’s a good product for managing indoor air quality.

The spray can reduce dust mite allergens by 43% in the first hour and by up to 70% over the following 72 hours. Read our News Post to find out more: How to Prevent Airborne Allergies with Probiotic Air Optimiser

The helpful probiotics safely consume bio-allergen triggers – including dust mite faeces, pollen, skin flakes, mould spores and organic waste – as a natural food source. It is especially useful for dust-mite allergies:

House dust mites are microscopic relatives of spiders. They live in dust particles and are found in most buildings, all year round. These particles also float in the air, especially in buildings that are poorly cleaned or ventilated, or house many people and/or animals.

Dust mites also thrive in soft furnishings such as mattresses, carpets, upholstery and curtains. They do not bite but feed on skin flakes from humans and animals and fungi. A mattress can contain tens of thousands of dust mites.

A single dust mite produces around twenty waste droppings every day. Each contains a protein bio-allergen that can be a major cause of asthma and allergic reactions, especially in the young and vulnerable. DENAA+ Air Optimiser significantly reduces the quantity of dust mite faeces, which significantly reduces symptoms.


Maintain good general hygiene for best results. Shake before use. Spray DENAA+ Probiotic Air Optimiser into the air and lightly mist onto surfaces. Do not wipe. Use once per day for the first five days then repeat once per day every three days. Can also be sprayed directly onto surfaces, textiles and soft furnishings.

This air optimiser spray is not a medicine or medical device.


Rated 5 out of 5

Josh – July 18, 2021

Was recommended by Joe to try the air optimiser in room and my bedding to help with my allergies. It is fantastic! I wake up without itchy eyes, sneezing and a runny nose!

Denna probiotic air optimiser


    At The Probiotic Cleaning Company, we prioritize natural, efficient cleaning without harming the environment.

    Our EU certified probiotic cleaning products are sustainable and non-toxic, making your home or workplace clean and safe.

    We also use the Amazing Rainbow Clean Air System, which promotes fresh, purified air flow. Let us take care of the cleaning so you can focus on living your best life in a clean and healthy space.

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