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A Gym Cleaning Products Pack to Clean it All…

If you clean multiple areas of your gym with multiple gym cleaning products, why not trial our Probiotic Gym Essentials Starter Pack?

Limited time special offer! 

This economical pack includes four types of probiotic products to save you time. You can use them to clean all areas of your gym in an environmentally-positive way:

  • Gym and fitness areas – weights, mats and textiles.
  • Changing facilities – showers, toilets and lockers.
  • Communal areas – reception, floors and rest areas.

And best of all, you can clean as often as you need to, without fear of damaging your equipment or flooring. These gym cleaning products are free from harmful and corrosive chemicals that can corrode and rust.

You will immediately reduce chemical use in your gym. This protects your cleaning team from the health risks associated with continually handling harsh chemicals.

In addition, these bio-detergents achieve better hygiene. They have added ‘good’ bacteria from plants (probiotics) that clean at a deeper, invisible level. They work in a safe way to create a healthier indoor environment that supports immune system function.

This also avoids exposing your clients to smelly chemicals and artificial fragrances.

Why Switch from Chemicals to Provilan Probiotic Cleaning

  • No harmful chemicals or artificial fragrances.
  • Continues to work between cleans.
  • Supports client well-being.
  • Safer for your cleaning operatives health than chemicals.
  • Benefits waste water when discarded down the drain – no need for hazardous waste disposal strategies.
  • Reduces odours at source – including stale sweat odour.
  • Effective against harmful bacteria and viruses, including Coronavirus.
  • Works in a safe way that does not create localised superbugs.

And… all ingredients are certified vegan and cruelty-free.

Quick Guide to the Easy to Use Starter Pack 

The bundle contains seven products:

2 x Probiotic multi-surface cleaner 500ml ready to use trigger spray
1 x Probiotic multi-surface cleaner 1 litre concentrate (refills 100 trigger sprays for only 21p each (non-discount price)
1 x Probiotic floor cleaner (‘Floor’) 1 litre concentrate (makes 100 litres)
1 x Probiotic drain and toilet cleaner (‘Drain’) 750ml
1 x Probiotic odour prevention spray (‘Fresh’) 300ml

1. Clean surfaces, glass, mirrors, tiles and fitness equipment with ‘Clean’. The one litre all-purpose concentrate refills the 500ml trigger spray 100 times.

2. Clean floors with ‘Floor’ probiotic cleaner.

3. Clean toilets and drains with ‘Drain’ toilet cleaner.

4. Freshen textiles, functional clothing and shoes between washes with ‘Fresh’ odour prevention spray. 

Gym Essentials Starter Pack (7 Products)


    At The Probiotic Cleaning Company, we prioritize natural, efficient cleaning without harming the environment.

    Our EU certified probiotic cleaning products are sustainable and non-toxic, making your home or workplace clean and safe.

    We also use the Amazing Rainbow Clean Air System, which promotes fresh, purified air flow. Let us take care of the cleaning so you can focus on living your best life in a clean and healthy space.

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