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Restores and Maintains Healthier Skin and Coat

LUCAA+ Probiotic Horse Shampoo does more than clean visible dirt and stains: it enriches and restores healthy microbial balance to your horse’s skin and coat. It is scientifically formulated to improve the horse’s well-being whilst ensuring your horse is cleaner and feels more comfortable.

The shampoo is enriched with beneficial, probiotic ‘good’ bacteria, naturally sourced from plants. These helpful probiotics remove root causes of infection, inflammation, itching and unpleasant odours. They clean away harmful bacteria as well as atopic allergy triggers – including pollen, dust mite and feather mite faeces. 

  • Reduces harmful bacteria and bio-allergens from coat and skin.
  • Reduces the causes of skin irritation, itching and unpleasant odour.
  • Chemical-free with no aluminium or parabens.

Vegan, Plant-Based and Cruelty-Free

All ingredients in LUCAA+ Probiotic Horse Shampoo are safe, sustainable and environmentally-friendly. It is gentle, anti-allergenic and nourishing with a neutral pH. It can be used as often as required and is also suitable for white horses.

Read a testimonial explaining how LUCAA+ Probiotic Horse Shampoo helped a horse suffering with feather mites.


Follow a safe process to prevent slipping. Use a nozzle with a soft wide beam to gently and evenly wet the horse with lukewarm water. Shake before use. Dispense LUCAA+ Probiotic Horse Shampoo onto a soft brush or sponge. Rub into the skin, avoiding the eyes and nose. Allow to soak in whilst washing the mane and tail. If the tail is very dirty, add the shampoo to a bucket of water and immerse the tail. Rinse several times until foam is white. Rinse again and remove excess water using a sweat scraper. Dry the horse with a towel and take to a clean stable.


Rated 5 out of 5

Gabrielle MacKenzie – February 26, 2021

I used the LUCAA+ Equine Probiotic Horse Shampoo and the Horse Skin Spray on my horse’s legs who suffers from feather mite, he gets so itchy and irritated and makes himself bleed from scratching. I bathed his legs in the shampoo which was very kind on his skin and smelt amazing. The shampoo also cleaned his legs so well his four whites were gleaming! You could immediately see this soothed the itchiness and irritation, I sprayed his legs and by the next morning the redness and swelling had reduced significantly and the itchiness had as well as he didn’t make himself bleed from scratching, very impressed with these products and would highly recommend.

lucaa horse care shampoo


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