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Reduces Ear Inflammation and Infection

LUCAA+ Probiotic Horse Ear Care is an easy to use smart spray that cleans the inner ear thoroughly and gently. The spray is enriched with beneficial ‘good’ probiotic bacteria, naturally sourced from plants. These helpful probiotics restore healthy microbial balance to the ear canal. They inhibit harmful bacteria and reduce the risk of infections. They also reduce inflammation and allergic reactions, organic dirt and ear wax.  As a result, your horse feel more comfortable.

LUCAA+ Probiotic Horse Ear Care Spray works in a safe, natural and mechanical way. In other words, it works in a way that does not cause antimicrobial resistance and can help to reduce antibiotic use.

  • Naturally inhibits pathogenic bacteria that cause infections.
  • Safely cleans the inner ear at a microbial level.
  • Vegan, naturally sourced from plants and chemical-free.

Alleviates Itching Caused by Ear Mites

Maintaining good ear health is essential for horses and prevention is better than cure. Horses can suffer from ear hardening or keratinisation, which causes itching and irritation in the initial phases. With regular use, LUCAA+ Probiotic Horse Ear Care reduces and prevents scabs from forming and hardening.

Ear mites are a common parasite that cause infections. They live in the horse’s ear wax and their faeces can cause intense itching and an unpleasant smell. LUCAA+ Probiotic Horse Ear Care alleviates this irritation by depriving ear mites of space and food, which reduces their numbers. They also consume the mite faeces – the bio-allergen that triggers the itching reaction – as an natural food source.


Use three to four times a week depending on the horse’s condition. Shake before use. Lightly spray into the ear from a distance of about 30cm and let the helpful probiotics do their work. If there are symptoms of outer ear cornification, repeat the treatment every two days.

IMPORTANT: Always consult a vet if in doubt or if symptoms persist. Read our Open Letter to Vets for further information.

lucaa horse ear care


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