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Maintains Results of LUCAA+ Stable Cleaner Between Cleans

LUCAA+ Probiotic Stable Granules keep stables, horse boxes and feeding troughs cleaner and more hygienic in between routine cleaning. Use in combination with LUCAA+ Probiotic Stable Cleaner for best results.

The granules are enriched with beneficial ‘good’ probiotic bacteria, naturally sourced from plants. These helpful probiotics actively restore natural ecological balance (the microbiome) and create a healthier environment that supports immunity and well-being.  This benefits all horses, especially the young and new born.

LUCAA+ Probiotic Stable Granules are in a solid, concentrated form for easy use. Added fine silver sand enriches the stable with beneficial minerals and helps prevent potentially harmful wet floors. All ingredients are naturally sourced, vegan, sustainable and quickly biodegradable.

  • Inhibits harmful bacteria and reduces the risk of infections.
  • Reduces bio-allergens (including pollen and dust mite) that cause skin irritation.
  • Improves indoor air quality – no toxins or chemicals.

Reduces Exposure to Ammonia Odour

In addition, the helpful probiotics actively eliminate the root causes of odours – including urine odour. This improves the air quality in the stable and reduces the risk of respiratory diseases caused by ammonia odour.


Firstly, remove any manure and excess contamination. Secondly, sprinkle approximately 10 grams per m2 LUCAA+ Horse Stable Stabiliser on the stable floor. Repeat every three days for best results.

For best results, use LUCAA+ Probiotic Stable Granules  routinely as a system with LUCAA+ Probiotic Stable Cleaner and LUCAA+ Probiotic Water Supply Cleaner.

Clean stables once a week and ensure good ventilation to maintain hygiene and reduce the spread of diseases and fly infestation. Always ensure that stable soil is dry and clean to avoid the development of hoof problems.

lucaa horse stable cleaner


    At The Probiotic Cleaning Company, we prioritize natural, efficient cleaning without harming the environment.

    Our EU certified probiotic cleaning products are sustainable and non-toxic, making your home or workplace clean and safe.

    We also use the Amazing Rainbow Clean Air System, which promotes fresh, purified air flow. Let us take care of the cleaning so you can focus on living your best life in a clean and healthy space.

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