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Dog Skin Allergy Remedy Powered by Probiotics

This simple, but multi-pronged approach tackles both the itchiness and the root causes of dog skin allergies.

Dog skin allergy (also called allergic skin disease or atopic dermatitis) can cause dogs real discomfort, ranging from mild irritation to unbearable itching.

Unfortunately, atopic allergies often start in young dogs and develops into a life-long chronic condition. This is because dog skin allergy is often caused by environmental and seasonal allergens. As a result, many dogs are constantly surrounded by the very allergens that trigger their skin symptoms. These include dust mites, pollen, trees, flea bites, mould, grass and chemical cleaning products.

Worse still, your dog’s attempts to alleviate the itching often makes their skin even more sore. Licking and scratching can lead to severe rashes, sores, redness, flaky skin, loss of fur – and even infected wounds.

To alleviate these dog skin allergy symptoms, a comprehensive but simple remedy is needed. Our dog skin allergy remedy combines four eco-friendly, probiotic pet care and cleaning products that work together to reduce allergens on their coat and in their living space. Probiotics are healthy bacteria sourced from plants. Adding them into your dogs skin, coat and home environment balances the microbial environment and significantly reduces allergy and itching.

  • Prevents allergies.
  • Significantly reduces itching.
  • Eliminates organic allergens.
  • Reduces chemical exposure.
  • Balances the microbial environment.
  • Natural and certified ingredients.

Give Your Dog Atopic Allergy Relief

Our Dog Skin Allergy Remedy pack is both economical and environmentally friendly! It includes EVAA+ Probiotic Universal Cleaner Concentrate and an empty refill trigger spray bottle.

One litre of this 99% natural, pet safe cleaner concentrate makes up to 200 trigger spray 500ml bottles, for only 7.5p per bottle. You can use it to clean hard surfaces all around your home – as well as travel crates, carriers, kennels and litter trays – as well as your car. Just make up in a spray bottle or add to a bucket of tap water.

How to Follow the Dog Skin Allergy Remedy Plan

Our simple three-step dog skin allergy remedy reduces dog skin allergy problems from environmental and seasonal causes. Switching your chemical cleaning products to pet-friendly versions protects your dog by reducing their exposure to harmful chemicals. This plan improves your dog’s skin health and helps them feel happier and more comfortable:

1. Wash your Dog with Probiotic Pet Shampoo

2. Apply Pet Allergen Prevention Spray

3. Use Hypo-Allergenic, Naturally Sourced Pet Safe Cleaning Products

See our Probiotic Dog Skin Allergy Remedy Pack Infographic for easy instructions.

Read our news post for more information and the complete plan: Probiotics for Dog Skin Allergies – the Itchy Dog Relief 3 Step Plan

Our Probiotic Dog Skin Allergy Remedy Pack comes with a vet’s recommendation.

Read our LUCAA+ Allergy-Free Case Study: Itchy Dog Spray – A Probiotic Pet Allergy-Free Case Study

– LUCAA+ Probiotic Pet Shampoo 300ml
– LUCAA+ Probiotic Pet Allergen Prevention Spray 300ml
– EVAA+ Probiotic Chemical-Free Floor Cleaner 1 Litre
– EVAA+ Probiotic Universal Cleaner Concentrate 1 Litre
– EVAA+ Probiotic Universal Cleaner Refill Trigger Spray (500ml – Sold Empty)

Plus a FREE EVAA+ Probiotic Hand Soap 300ml worth £11.76 with every pack

If you have any more questions, please get in touch. Call 01268 544530 or email today.

IMPORTANT: Always consult a vet if in doubt or if symptoms persist. Read our Open Letter to Vets for further information.

For dogs with very bad environmental skin allergies, switching to hypo-allergenic Probiotic Natural Laundry Detergent for washing bedding and Probiotic Washing Up Liquid for food bowls further reduces their chemical exposure.

lucaa skin allergy relief pack


    At The Probiotic Cleaning Company, we prioritize natural, efficient cleaning without harming the environment.

    Our EU certified probiotic cleaning products are sustainable and non-toxic, making your home or workplace clean and safe.

    We also use the Amazing Rainbow Clean Air System, which promotes fresh, purified air flow. Let us take care of the cleaning so you can focus on living your best life in a clean and healthy space.

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