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An Effective Spittoon Bowl Cleaner, Powered by Probiotics

DENAA+ Probiotic Spittoon Cleaner degrades and removes residual organic deposits from spittoons – without harsh chemicals. This sustainable cleaner is also excellent de-odouriser.

Thorough cleaning is essential as research shows many dental patients perceive the spittoon as unhygienic, containing blood and debris from the previous patient and with an unpleasant smell.

This spittoon cleanser contains one of nature’s most powerful assets – healthy ‘good’ bacteria (probiotics), from plants.

The helpful probiotics in our spittoon cleaner clean safely and thoroughly at a microbial level using a natural mechanical action. They remove organic waste and debris, inhibit pathogenic bacteria that cause infections and eliminate unpleasant smells.

Unlike traditional products, this mechanical action continues to work after application, so results are longer lasting. Regular use creates an increasingly safer, healthier and more protective microbial environment within the drain, without contributing to antimicrobial resistance.

DENAA+ Probiotic Spittoon Bowl Cleaner degrades and breaks down potentially harmful bacterial biofilm, whilst reducing antimicrobial resistance.

  • Ready to use cleaner.
  • Degrades and removes residual organic deposits from spittoons.
  • Excellent de-odorising properties.
  • Prevents drain clogging.
  • Compatible with equipment.
  • Long lasting effect.

Works in a Mechanical Way that Reduces Antimicrobial Resistance

Our spittoon bowl cleanser is pH neutral, has a bright blue colour and a fresh mint aroma, which is perceived as pleasant by patients.

All ingredients are eco-friendly, non-polluting and non-corrosive. They are quickly biodegradable and completely safe for operatives, the environment and aquatic life.

Instructions for How to Clean a Spittoon

Shake before use. Apply the solution to the spittoon and then rinse with water. Use regularly throughout the day, adapting the frequency to the level of use and contamination.

The cleaner is thixotropic so does not disappear straight down the drain. It will stay in the spittoon to thoroughly clean it. You can accelerate the flow with water.


probiotic spittoon cleaner


    At The Probiotic Cleaning Company, we prioritize natural, efficient cleaning without harming the environment.

    Our EU certified probiotic cleaning products are sustainable and non-toxic, making your home or workplace clean and safe.

    We also use the Amazing Rainbow Clean Air System, which promotes fresh, purified air flow. Let us take care of the cleaning so you can focus on living your best life in a clean and healthy space.

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